Day 1131: Space Pilots

Posted: 2013/12/15 in Indie Games

If you’re like me, you loved the top-down 2D shooting of classics like “Iridium” (popular in the ’80s). If you’re like me, you also might have enjoyed the mission-based gameplay and freedom of movement offered by PC (and Dreamcast) classic “Starlancer”. If you’re like me, then, you might love the mission based gameplay and freedom of movement from “Starlancer” transposed into a 2D top-down shooter like Iridium. “Space Pilots” fits that description, and nothing else need be said for me to part with my dolllar.

More *could* be said. For example, I could point out that it has a nice variety of missions, and you’re flying along AI compatriots for some of them (none of this lone-starfighter-against-ridiculous-throngs-of-enemies here). But nothing more *need* be said. If you’re like me, that is.

Here’s what the developer (E Arendt) has to say about the game:

“Fight your way through Alien infested space and complete the Alliance’s missions in this top view, smooth scrolling, free flying space adventure !”

  1. Erik says:

    classics game types are classics for a reason, pick this game up after your review. Not disappointed – it is a classic 2d shooter … even when I failed the missions, had to pick it right back up. Didn’t hear of it before your review, one of the best sleeper indie games of 2013!

    • And what makes this game brilliant is the merging of two classics that I haven’t seen merged before. And two classics from utterly different eras too!

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