Day 1132: Sector 7-4-9er

Posted: 2013/12/16 in Indie Games

Now this is a unique take on space exploration (at least, to the best of my knowledge). “Sector 7-4-9er” tasks you with digging into asteroids, which boils down to attacking gigantic asteroids while (later in the game) fighting off enemies and discovering ancient alien technology.

The controls are great, and there are different control options that range from pretty arcadey to ones that are more realistic. The difficulty levels are broad too. The playfields are pretty huge, and finding your way out either means digging your way out through another side, or retracing your steps (which could be circuitous, depending on your approach to the exploration).

It comes to us from the same publisher as “Alpha Squad”, and the appeal is vaguely similar to “Miner Dig Deep” (MDD), but with you progressing through levels rather than developing an increasingly gigantic mine. Well, that and it has all the trapping of space opera. Well, that and you can dig from all around a 2D depiction of the asteroid, rather than being limited to just starting from the surface in MDD. It’s adds that little something that I think a lot of people felt was missing from MDD, and worth a download even if you didn’t like that title (but especially if you did).

Here’s what the developer (Dragon Was Robot) has to say about the game:

“Mine asteroids and struggle to survive on the frontiers of space with only your wits and a tiny mining ship in this arcade-style game. Dig your way through massive, dynamically generated asteroids and discover ancient alien technology! Adjust the difficulty anywhere from super-casual to a hard-core fight for survival. Follow this game on Facebook:”


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