Day 1133: Dark Storm Blast 360

Posted: 2013/12/17 in Indie Games

Remember “Vindicators”? Loved that game. You played as a tank slogging your way through levels. “Dark Storm Blast 360” reminds me a bit of that, but heavily upgraded (full freedom of movement, maze-like levels, and more). An interesting new element is the ability to lift off the ground to shoot over barriers, I enjoyed that.

How is it that indie developers can turn out such tremendously great games for just a dollar (or whatever is close to that in your local currency) when so many $60 big budget games fail to impress? Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, “Dark Storm Blast 360” somehow manages to simultaneously remind me of both “Vindicators” and “Zaxxon” despite them being very different games, and that alone is pretty impressive.

Here’s what the developer (MUKAGOSOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT) has to say about the game:

“”Dark Storm Blast 360″ is a multi directional shooting game. The player must use both sticks to move the land fighter and destroy the target. Experience 8 levels. Copyright 2013 MUKAGOSOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT”


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