Day 1136: A Light Start

Posted: 2013/12/20 in Indie Games

Boasting procedurally generated levels (after a developer-designed set of training levels that is), “A Light Start” tasks you with gathering energy for your queen. It’s better experienced than described, but the game has an amazing art style, endless replay potential thanks to the aforementioned endless random levels, and even a level editor should you like to create some of your own.

“A Light Start” gives you a few other things to think about as you dig paths through its levels. Watch for making walls too thin, for fear of water flooding in and drowning your queen, for example. Another neat touch is a gradual “fog of war”, where the screen gets dimmer the further from the centre of the screen you go. Absolutely innovative and worth a dollar.

Here’s what the developer (SelfTitledGames) has to say about the game:

“In “A Light Start” you take control of your own crawler and must collect energy for your queen crawler, so that she can remove the darkness and light the world. Dig your way through the world and avoid the dangers of the dark. “A Light Start” features procedurally generated levels and a level editor to allow you to create and play your own levels.”


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