Day 1138: Billy The Kidney Bean VTFF

Posted: 2013/12/22 in Indie Games

I like imaginative platformers. And I’m a UFO enthusiast from way back (at least as far back as elementary school where I got every book on UFOs and extraterrestrials out of my school library multiple times). Look past the bad box art and equally terrible pun in the title of “Billy The Kidney Bean VTFF”, and you find a game with surprisingly nice audio and video presentation, level design that I quite liked (complete with springs to help you reach higher levels), and that has received post-release support from the developer. This is a 2D side scrolling platformer with a gunslinger element as the titular kidney bean mows down enemies as often as it jumps over and avoids them. The “VTFF” refers to “Vs. The Foo Fighters”, the foo fighters referring to second world war UFO sightings that each side feared were secret weapons the other side was testing, and remain officially unexplained to this day.

I love how “Billy The Kidney Bean VTFF” doesn’t take itself too seriously, complete with trash talk. It also manages to be challenging without being so hardcore that it’s near impossible for the average player to manage. It comes to us from the publisher of “Mahjong Moves”

Here’s what the developer (ElvishJumpSuit) has to say about the game:

“UPDATE1b May2012! More Trash Talk, Tougher Aliens, Game Objective. Axis forces have got ‘Foo Fighter’ technology. Aliens are helping them to build anti-gravity battleships in their secret base. This would let them alter the course of the war. Billy must ‘seek and destroy’ to stop them and help the allies win the war …… again! If you like the changes then please give him a good rating!!!!!”


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