Day 1139: Quiet Christmas

Posted: 2013/12/23 in Indie Games

What do “Block Zombies!”, “Kung Fu FIGHT!”, and “Quiet, Please!” have in common? They’re all published by “Nostatic Software” and all pretty awesome. In March they dropped a sequel to the latter, “Quiet Christmas”. And yes, March is odd timing for a Christmas release.

If you played the original, then “Quiet Christmas” is another 30-60 minute $1 jaunt that doesn’t re-invent the formula, but does act as a pleasant re-visitation to the innovative ideas of the first game. The one caveat here is that if you’ve played the original relatively recently, then this may be a case of “too soon”. If you’ve gone 514 days since, like I have, then it’s a great opportunity to revisit a fantastic formula.

Here’s what the developer (Nostatic Software) has to say about the game:

“It is Christmas Eve and you just want to go to bed and wake up on Christmas morning. But the tree is broken, the house it too cold, Mr. Peabody’s tacky Xmas display is annoying and as always your brother won’t go to bed. Explore, interact with your environment and solve puzzles in this old-school adventure game.”

If you’ve played Quiet Please! recently, perhaps give this a miss. If you’re like me, and have played hundreds of games since, the reworked puzzles will be enough to interest you again.


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