Day 1141: The Last Fortune

Posted: 2013/12/25 in Indie Games

Playing like a long-lost relative of games like “Ghost and Goblins” and TurboGrafx-16 favourite “Legendary Axe”, “The Last Fortune” is a one dollar romp through classic gameplay.

This is an unmissable download for fans of the genre, with consistently high 16-bit style production values, and a fair bit of story sprinkled throughout the game.

Here’s what the publisher (Vile) has to say about the game:

“When a former ally betrays your country, its up to you and your sword to set things right again! In this side scrolling hack and slash platformer, you will fight your way through nine levels of knights, wizards, and monsters as you uncover the truth and possibly even save the world if it’s not too much trouble.”


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