Day 1142: Wiwi’s Adventures 2

Posted: 2013/12/26 in Indie Games

Did you enjoy “Aron’s Journey in Dreamland”? How about “Aron’s Journey in Dreamland”? I liked them both. So you can imagine my surprise to discover that there was a spiritual sibling to them released in 2010 called “Wiwi’s Adventures 2”.

It has the same imaginitive level design, it has four characters (that all play differently), and the same satisfying (i.e. not crazy hard, yet not throwing away all the challenge) platforming action as the other games from the publisher. Strongly recommended for someone who finds super difficult platformers frustrating. One dollar (or whatever that works out to in your local currency).

Here’s what the publisher (Meruvia Game Studio) has to say about the game:

“Wiwi’s Adventures 2 has been updated! Fight now through 34 levels of madness, play with 4 different characters to unlock. Run, jump, double jump and even fly to get back the scrolls of chaos. And finally defeat the bad Master Ham! “As a budget platformer and fun throwback to a simpler time, WiWi is a game that is very easy to enjoy.” Brash Games”


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