Day 1143: Magicians & Looters

Posted: 2013/12/27 in Indie Games

Playing a bit like a Castlevania or a Metroid, but with a personality all its own, “Magicians & Looters” is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer with a fantastic art style and action aplenty.

It also has a unique innovation that impressed me. The game actually lets you trim the story down to a bare minimum, if that’s your thing, through an abridged version selectable in the menus. I’m all about stories in games, but I know some people frustratedly try to mash the “A” button to skip the story wherever possible. What a smart tweak on the part of the developer! This is the first XBLIG, but hopefully we’ll see more from them.

Here’s what the publisher (Morgopolis Studios) has to say about the game:

“Magicians and Looters is an action/exploration 2D platformer. You could also call it a Metroidvania, if that’s your thing. Embark on a rescue mission through castles, forests, caverns, even an underground city. There’s a talking cat, too.”


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