Day 1144: X-Orbtek II

Posted: 2013/12/28 in Indie Games

There are so many twin-stick shooters, including hordes of good ones, that it takes a lot for one to stand out. “X-Orbtek II” stands out by having a strong emphasis on dodging rather than destroying. I’m always up for a good avoid-’em-up, after all, especially if it only costs a dollar, and if it also offers local multiplayer then all the better.

But simple avoidance isn’t enough, you also have to keep collecting orbs. Fail to collect enough, fast enough, then you’re dead. Simple as that. Your ship needs these orbs as much as you need to breathe and circulate your blood, and the frantik racing to grab them, while dodging threats and shooting enemies, can be quite thrilling. I love that combination and it’s absolutely worth a download.

Here’s what the publisher (Oxygen Addict) has to say about the game:

“Collect orbs and battle enemies in the sequel to X-Orbtek. Controls will feel familiar to twin stick shooter fans but the gameplay takes a different direction to X-Orbtek II introduces combat and an all new way of orb collection, ideally suited for the game’s local multiplayer. Fans of the original gameplay can play Classic mode or you can customise the gameplay.”


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