Day 1145: Indiemon Villain Version

Posted: 2013/12/29 in Indie Games

An easy review today. If you liked the original, “Indiemon: Earth Nation”, then “Indiemon Villain Version” is your “Red” companion to the “Blue” you already own, or the “Y” to your “X”, and so on. It’s got a few upgrades, a few tweaks, a bunch of new indiemon, and the other things you’d expect out of companion piece.

This comes to us from the publisher of “Hopper” and “StarWings: Mission Command”, and (like the others) costs only a dollar.

Here’s what the publisher (RicolaVG) has to say about the game:

“Play as Landon, an Indiemon Tamer who betrays the Earth Nation. Conquer The Earth Nation by defeating the Defenders and obtaining the Earth Nation emblems. Capture all 100 Indiemon, discover and conquer new and old areas, and be the villain.”


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