Day 1146: Reflector

Posted: 2013/12/30 in Indie Games

It’s not “Compute!” magazine classic “Laser Chess”, but it is pretty cool. “Reflector” has you using the titular reflectors to bounce laser bullets around the levels towards their targets. The story is deliberately cheesy, and effectively so, with elements that remind me of Arkanoid added for flair. It has an original soundtrack, which is a nice touch.

It comes to us from the publisher of “Slick”, which I also quite enjoyed.

Here’s what the publisher (Halcyon Softworks) has to say about the game:

“Test your wits and reflexes in 30 levels featuring a blend of puzzle and twitch, presented in an enhanced classic style. Place and rotate reflectors to guide bullets, find the human race a new home, and defeat the demon head Zomba in a poorly assembled plot line reminiscent of an era of poorly assembled plot lines! Features an original soundtrack by Terry L. Williams.”


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