Day 1147: The Outer Rim

Posted: 2013/12/31 in Indie Games

Coming to us from “Tomlin Games” who brought us previously reviewed effort “flap!”, as well as a couple of un-reviewed releases, comes “The Outer Rim”, their most ambitious release yet.

Playing a bit like a long-lost Dreamcast game (graphically it reminds me a bit of Rage’s “Incoming, and with gameplay that feels a bit like that game too), this game is a treat. Upgrade you defence droid between waves and take out enemy units as you defend installations, convoys, and more. Feel the need to destroy rather than defend? There are alternate modes for that too.

It costs a dollar and gets all the important parts (difficulty level, power creep, controls, in-game help, etc.) right. Easily worth a download for mech/tank game fans.

Here’s what the publisher (Tomlin Games) has to say about the game:

“Control your Sentinel Mark 2 defence droid and protect the colony; upgrade your weapons and shoot super hot plasma at the enemy tanks. Campaign mode, with protect the convoy, destroy the fuel dumps, wave of attacks, and more! Mayhem madness with Arcade modes to test your shooting skills for immediate destruction!”


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