Day 1148: Wabbits! Jumping For Fun

Posted: 2014/01/01 in Indie Games

If your tastes skew a little towards the macabre, then 2011 XBLIG release “Wabbits! Jumping For Fun” might be for you. It has you playing through a series of collecting, racing (to collect), and bunny murdering levels. Gameplay is fast and macabre and enjoyable, for those who’re into that sort of thing (you know who you are).

Gameplay is surprisingly varied given how narrow the subject matter is. You have levels where the number of jumps you have is limited. Others where you have to murder a specified number of bunnies. Others still where you have to survive for a certain number of second. It takes a simple concept and gives it enough life to justify a dollar. And for those who want more than the 50 singleplayer levels, there are multiplayer modes complete with the option of bots (a feature sadly missing even from a lot of $60 retail releases, and a nice addition).

Here’s what the publisher (Squire Software) has to say about the game:

“You are a Wabbit. Stomping is your weapon. Stomp your way across 50 solo challenges or three local multiplayer modes with or without bots. Easy and fun to play for any skill level guarantees enjoyment for you and your buddies!”


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