Day 1150: Hurdle Turtle: Celebrations!

Posted: 2014/01/03 in Indie Games

Another no-brainer review. I loved “Hurdle Turtle” and the “Hurdle Turtle – Level Pack # 1” and their “B.C. Quest For Tires”-inspired gameplay. I also liked another “Holmade Games” release, a href=””>”Pixel Whirled”.

So “Hurdle Turtle: Celebrations!” is an easy recommendation. The hook here is that it has levels themed after different holidays or days of celebration (Hallowe’en, Christmas, etc.). If you liked the earlier two games in this series, time to pony up another dollar.

Here’s what the publisher (Holmade Games) has to say about the game:

“To celebrate Hurdle Turtle’s 3rd birthday and the upcoming release of Hurdle Turtle 2, we proudly present this 2nd companion to the original game which can also be enjoyed as a standalone title. Take Hurdle Turtle through a gauntlet of holiday themed levels and keep challenging your own hiscores until the sequel arrives this fall!”


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