Day 1151: B&B Fatfree

Posted: 2014/01/04 in Indie Games

Remember “BloodyCheckers”? It received some of the most generous post-release support of any game ever released on the Xbox Indie Games channel. Forget mere bug fixes, it received multiple updates that (among other things) doubled the size of the castle the game takes place in, plus tonnes more contact to interact with in the enlarged space.

So I was all kinds of interested in their new game, “BLOOD&BACON”. But before I got around to reviewing it, they dropped a new version of it called “B&B Fatfree”. It’s half the size and one-third the price, and a good starting point.

As with their earlier release, the production values here are insanely high quality. I mean really, really good. The game looks good, it sounds good, and the controls are spot-on. The game ramps up the difficulty perfectly, and some of the bosses are truly memorable. There’s even a story here. An easy, easy recommendation for a dollar.

Here’s what the publisher (BigCorporation) has to say about the game:

“online CO-OP Survival Game with Epic Boss battles, Mini-Boss battles, while fighting up to 300 zombie pigs. Unlock and equip an assortment of weapons and pickups to defend yourself against waves of undead zombies. Can you survive 50+ Days and Nights of blood and carnage? This is a 1st-Person-Shooter and 3rd-Person-Shooter !!”


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