Day 1152: Mechanician Alex

Posted: 2014/01/05 in Indie Games

I didn’t grow up on “Super Mario Bros”. Oh, I played it a few times, but it wasn’t a seminal game for me. No, when I think of classic platformers I think of “Apple Cider Spider” and “Jumpman Jr.” on the Commodore 64. “Mechanician Alex” is a love letter to those old 8-bit computer platformers you may have played on the Commodore 64, the XZ Spectrum, the Apple //, one of a variety of Atari 8-bit computers, or other similar systems of that era. Everything from the style of the sprites and backgrounds to the colour palette scream that era to me, or more specifically an “HD” remake of games of that era of the kind that proliferated in the early days of XBLA on the Xbox 360. And I loved this walk through memory lane. It’s a refreshing return to games that were challenging but not ridiculously hard like so many modern platformers.

Here’s what the publisher (Msi/Gtr/Jms) has to say about the game:

“Mechanician is a platform game. Guide Alex to collect all the tools on each level to repair his car. -Retro graphics with Chip music”


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