Day 1153: Contract: Void Justice

Posted: 2014/01/06 in Indie Games

Most “rogue-like” action/RPG games are dungeon crawls with “epic fantasy” settings. The most immediate difference between “Contract: Void Justice” and other rogue-likes is it’s science fiction/space opera setting. It’s not that it’s probably never been done before, it’s that it’s done rarely.

From there, the graphics and overall presentation are done better than most rogue-likes. Oh, it’s not perfect, the load times could use some improvement for example, but it’s better than the extremely primitive graphics and audio that most of the genre uses.

There’s also some story. Most rogue-likes simply drop you into a dungeon to play homicidal maniac, with no explanation for why you’re doing that. Here, you’re trying to gun down prisoners who are trying to escape, so there’s at least some reason for your activities. Cut scenes drive things forward and are decently done. If you’re interested in an action/RPG hybrid in an SF setting, “Contract: Void Justice” is worth a dollar.

Here’s what the publisher (FrostTree Games) has to say about the game:

“There’s an outbreak on the space military Prison Ship PPG-871! You’re a simply bounty hunter trying some cash. Now it’s up for you to decide: pick a side, or let chaos overtake the ship.”


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