Day 1158: Techno Kitten Adventure!

Posted: 2014/01/11 in Indie Games

Apparently sometimes adding content, and raising the price, is what I need to be interested. A loooong time ago I checked out “Techno Kitten Adventure”. It has been first suggested to me by “James Johnston and Hamst3r” (or “EZMuze” fame). But despite it’s engaging visuals, it didn’t quite have enough meat on its bones for my liking.

But several new content drops over the years since, and an exclamation mark added to its title, later, and “Techno Kitten Adventure!” actually has enough stuff going on to be worth a purchase now.

At its core the game uses a simple control scheme and makes it compelling by throwing at you a variety of imaginative, at times bordering on psychedelic, imagery. Part of the appeal of the game, and I’d argue a big part, is just trying to see the next set of zany imagery. The controls itself use a single button to life the titular Techno Kitten up, as you try to thread the needle through the obstacles course-style levels. You have to lift up to get over obstacles, but you have no way to force yourself down, so you have to carefully time your rises so that you drift down below obstacles that you’d prefer to go under rather than over.

Like their other release, “Nyan Cat Adventure”, half of the challenge is seeing through the “Jeff Minter”-ish visual effects.

But what made the game for me was all the additional content. The original game (sans exclamation mark) was released in 2010. The current version is from 2011, with the exclamation mark, but has received several new content packs since then. More levels, art from artist “Ron English”, and more gives you more crazy visuals to earn by progressing through the levels. $2.99, and worth a free trial to see if it’s anything close to your thing.

Here’s what the publisher (21 Street Games LLC) has to say about the game:

“Navigate a kitten by jetpack, fueled by hopes and dreams, through a fantastical world of techno music. *New Graphics *New Levels *New Kittehs *New Music = U Can Has: 1. DREAM Featuring Frisco – Sea of Love (Hixxy Remix) 2. CLOUD Featuring Re-Con – Like A Rainbow 3. LAVA Featuring Styles & Breeze – You’re Shining 4. MEAT Featuring F.R.E.A.K. – Hungry For Your Love + 13 NEW Kittehs!”


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