Day 1159: Dirchie Kart 2

Posted: 2014/01/12 in Indie Games

Way, way, way back on Day 110, I played and really enjoyed “Dirchie Kart”, a racing game that was the best there was on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel at the time.

And “Dirchie Kart 2” still is one of the best! More of everything is on offer, including a significant up-tick in the visuals, and it’s well worth ponying up another dollar for.

Here’s what the publisher (BrownBot) has to say about the game:

“Challenge your avatar against a host of Dirchie characters in fast and furious single or up to 4 player split screen multiplayer karting. Featuring standard cup races and a unique party mode, where the players alternately select from Race, Battle and Drag events across 5 or 10 rounds. On top of these modes are numerous modifiers and a penalty system so you can customise your experience..”


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