Day 1162: Abduction Action! Plus

Posted: 2014/01/15 in Indie Games

On day 114 I reviewed “Abduction Action!”, and I absolutely loved it. It’s one of my favourite XBLIGs, and “last I knew”, one of Kris Steele’s poorest selling games on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel. A criminal oversight by gamers. It’s like “Choplifter” with anal probes and cattle mutilation. So basically, one of the best games ever.

“Abduction Action! Plus” is an enhanced version of an already winning formula. With graphical overhauls, and tweaks to some gameplay modes, it’s definitely a version 1.5 rather than a full sequel. But, it’s a v1.5 to one of my favourite all time games. So much so, I’ve dispensed with all propriety and am recommending it despite the fact that it’s still prominently displayed in the XBLIG channel as of this writing. Go buy it before it becomes a hidden gem. This release costs $2.99 (or 1.99 pounds, or what have you), and the original’s still available for a dollar if that price tag is more your thing.

Kris Steele’s games in some ways define this blog. One of his games was the first I ever reviewed (“Hypership Out of Control”). The 1000th game I reviewed was another Kris Steele release (“Bad Caterpillar”). In between I managed to review “Trivia Or Die”, “Nasty”, “VolChaos”, “Trivia Or Die: Movie Edition”, and “Hypership Still Out of Control”. Also somewhere in there he dropped a huge, and totally free, content upgrade for the original Hypership. He’s branched out to Windows Phone, iOS, even the Ouya, but he still shows love to XBLIG and I, for one, love every game he’s released on the channel.

Here’s what the publisher (Fun Infused Games) has to say about the game:

“As a UFO pilot in training, you have been tasked with the overwhelming mission of invading Earth, terrorizing the locals, and returning home in one piece. Use your tractor beam to abduct helpless Earthlings and defeat aggressive foes. It will take all your skills, wits, and intellect to prove your alien worth and triumph over humanity.”


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