Posted: 2014/01/16 in Indie Games

Did you like “Mechanician Alex”? Beat it, but hankering from more? “PABLO’S FRUIT” is from the same developer, and hits a lot of the same notes. Both are platformers that have you collecting then making your way to the exit, and both eschew ultra-hard gameplay for family (and frustration) friendly levels. The static screens of the original have been upgraded to the more modern and familiar larger scrolling levels. So even if you didn’t like their previous platformer, this is worth considering. And if you (or your family) loved the previous game, then splurging another dollar on this is an even likelier bet.

Here’s what the publisher (Msi/Gtr/Jms) has to say about the game:

“Pablo’s Fruit is a simple arcade adventure game with more than 20 levels, great graphics, chip music and more On each levels,take all fruit and go to exit.There are some monsters who prevent to collect fruit. When take all fruit.Counter fruit will flashing.It prevent to go to exit. Features: -Over 20 Levels -Continue support with enterring Password -Option music Sound fx on/off”


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