Day 1164: Unholy Heights

Posted: 2014/01/17 in Indie Games

I’m better now, but I was recently addicted to “Star Wars: Tiny Death Star”. An SW-infused rendition of “Tiny Tower”, it ultimately simply didn’t have much gameplay, feeling more like busywork than apartment management.

That cannot be said of “Unholy Heights”, which crams a ridiculous amount of awesome gameplay into what would otherwise be a too-simple formula.

You play as the devil, who is apparently running an apartment building. Monsters move in, and if you can give them jobs they like and outfit their apartments to their liking then they’ll be happy and more useful in the carnage to come.

And the carnage appears to be not your fault. Humans attack periodically, apparently offended by your presence. You must call your residents out to defend the apartments. Their availability is affected by work and sleep schedules, too, so the depth here is greater than the 24/7-ness of Tiny Death Star.

You’ll get attacked by all nature of pesky humans, and (in true Ghost ‘N Goblins fashion) sometimes even a crazy powerful single adventurer that require a lot to take down.

Also unlike the freemium games that inspired it, here you pay your initial fee ($2.99) and then you own the whole thing, without being nickled and dimed with microtransactions, or without having to suffer lengthy delays meant to inconvenience those who won’t be nickled and dimed. So here you can do things like fast forward to earn more cash, or to jump forward to the next major event, which is a nice touch.

Ultimately it feels a bit like “Tiny Tower” crossed with Ngage classic (if there is such a thing) “Pocket Kingdom”. It oozes personality, and shows why actually paying for things is better than getting something for free that is designed to inconvenience you until you give it money.

Here’s what the publisher (chiclo) has to say about the game:

“Defend what’s yours in this monstrous mixture of Tower Defense and Apartment Management Sim! Recruit monsters to live in your apartment and fight for you when heroes attack!”


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