Day 1166: Planet Wars

Posted: 2014/01/19 in Indie Games

Whether it was Day 616’s “MegaCity”, or yesterday’s “Six O’Clock High”, I’m a fan of “ColePowered”‘s games. Well, they have a third game, came out early-ish in 2013, and it’s today’s review.

“Planet Wars” plays a bit like “Commando” or “Ikari Warriors”, meaning a top-down shooter (except side-scrolling in this case, probably a good decision for a widescreen display), but with a tactical element and up to four player co-op and a bug shooting theme right out of “Starship Troopers”. There’s upgrading galore, and great comic book-inspired presentation in the cut scenes.

Here’s what the publisher (ColePowered) has to say about the game:

“Planet Wars is an exciting old-school top down alien shooter. Play through the story-driven campaign with up to 4 players to earn credits, which you can spend on upgrading and customising your weapons & items, choosing from 70 different parts! There is also a Survival/Horde mode!”


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