Day 1167: Fatal Seduction

Posted: 2014/01/20 in Indie Games

Now here’s a 2011 indie game that I’ve not properly checked out until now, and boy is it everything I thought it would be and more. Seriously, this is the creepiest game I’ve ever imagined.

“Fatal Seduction” has you playing as a homicidal girl, trying to protect the world by murdering every girlfriend his father ever gets, lest they father the antichrist. An angel made her do it, and all that. It’s from Silver Dollar, the loved/reviled indie developer that has released some really good games, and at least one that isn’t actually a game at all and simply punks the player.

This effort doesn’t have stellar gameplay, but that’s not the reason to part with your hard earned dollar. No, it’s for the narrative. Creepy as all get out, and short as it is, the narrative is actually pretty amazing. If you’re into being creeped out, that is. The squeamish need not apply. It’s nominally a platformer, though that’s mostly just a way to stitch together all the pieces of the story. And it’s a story that’s worth the price of admission, for those who’re into this sort of thing.

Here’s what the publisher (Silver Dollar Games) has to say about the game:

“Late and drunk you stumble in, with my father ready to sin. You touch my dad to seduce, tightening your grip like a noose. But the angel said you would come, to replace my beautiful mom. I’ll be watching you night and day, I hope for your sake you learn to pray. For if you try to kiss my dad, I’ll make you wish you never had.”


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