Day 1169: SuPeCa

Posted: 2014/01/22 in Indie Games

The description for “n-Dot”‘s “SuPeCa” suggests “Let’s shorten the time by using the terrain.” Yes, let’s!

It’s described as a racing platformer. I guess I can see that. To me, it’s more like a forced runner with some neat tricks up its sleeve, like the ability to raise and lower the car chassis to avoid obstacles, giving it gameplay that’s somewhere between “B.C.’s Quest for Tires” and “Techno Kitten Adventure!”. It’s different, and worth a download.

As a side note, the developer has managed to release one game a year, always near the end of each year, for three years running. High marks for consistency. I wasn’t familiar with n-Dot’s previous works, but they’re now on my to-do list to check out.


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