Day 1170: engram

Posted: 2014/01/23 in Indie Games

Yesterday I discovered that n-Dot’s 2013 game was pretty darn good. That publisher has a habit of releasing a game each year, though, so let’s check out their 2012 offering, shall we?

That game, “engram”, is quite different and quite good. You match up colour-coded “neurons” to eliminate them from the board. There are a few differences from your normal match-3+ game, such as the ability to double-back and re-use a neuron if you can connect to it from a different angle. You also have to connect to a white sprocket-like… thing to finish each group of like-coloured neurons. You also have the screen constantly scrolling to the right, creating time pressure as if a neuron hits the left side of the screen you’re toast.

It manages to feel really fresh, which is difficult in this genre (especially on Xbox Live Indie Games, which has some really stellar match-3+ games. Worth a download.

Here’s what the publisher (n-Dot) has to say about the game:

“Your objective in this puzzle game is to connect similar colored neurons.”


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