Day 1173: Platformer From Hell

Posted: 2014/01/26 in Indie Games

Yesterday’s game, “The Useful Dead”, was fun but relatively easily. Then there’s today’s game. 2012 release “Platformer From Hell” is *not* easy. It’s a “punisher”, a platformer that wants you to hurt.

And hurt you will. It’s perhaps what ’80s hits “Jumpman” might have become had it continued to evolve, the ladders from that classic game being replaced by gravity physics once systems were released that could handle that, and the static levels being replaced by big, sprawling, scrolling levels. “Platformer From Hell” has you jumping and otherwise navigating through challenging levels as gravity inverts itself, switches demand to be activated, and more. Costs $1 (or seventy nine pence, or whatever), and worth every penny if you have the skills (or the frustration threshold) to handle it.

Here’s what the publisher (HoosierGames) has to say about the game:

“PFH combines gravity, switches, and platforming to create an experience unlike any other. Thrilling jumps, mind boggling gravity puzzles, and a pastrami sandwich in distress awaits Tie Guy in the abyss of PFH. Fulfill your primal greed by destroying Tie Guy repeatedly in his tragic quest. Take control of Tie Guy on his journey to save his sandwich in this passion inducing platformer.”

Don’t remember “Jumpman” (or it’s catridge-only sibling “Jumpman Junior”)? Here it is:


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