Day 1174: Dwarf Madness

Posted: 2014/01/27 in Indie Games

There are some neat elements to “Dwarf Madness”. Playing a bit like “Gauntlet” (if Gauntlet played a bit like “Robotron 2084”), but with full 360 degrees of movement (not just up, down, left, and right), the game shows you a map overview, then zooms in to where you are. From there you have to remember where all the gold was shown when zoomed out and run around and collect it. Of course, enemies stand in your way and you’ll have to dispatch them. You can do so solo, or local multiplayer, and it’s a dollar well spent if you like a game that gives you that sense of exploration and/or memorisation mixed in with the action.

Here’s what the publisher (The Unallied) has to say about the game:

“It’s Dwarf Madness! A Zombi infestation forced Dwarves to leave their home of Dwyll and all the Gold they stored there, 300 years ago. Today, 4 Dwarves with Guns head back to Dwyll to take back what is theirs, and paint the walls with Zombi blood! 1-4 player Co-Op has multiple upgradable Guns and lots of enchanted Gear – but you’ll need enough Gold to buy it first!”


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