Posted: 2014/01/30 in Indie Games

I’m fighting a bad cold, so I needed an easy review today. And I found one in

Did you beat “B&B Fatfree”, and now want more levels? Are you new to the game and want to jump right to the definitive edition right off the bat? Either way, “BLOOD&BACON” may be the $2.99 cure to your ills. Like the “Fatfree” version, it’s a third (or first) person wave shooter with both solo and co-op play, and with the co-op play being both local and online. It succeeds by being crazily over the top, and this version loads it up with more content (and exceeding the file size limit allowed by the $1 “FatFree” version).

It’s worth noting that the BLOOD&BACON games come from the ridiculously good, and ridiculously generous with content-loaded free updates, developer of “BloodyCheckers”.

Here’s what the publisher (BigCorporation) has to say about the game:

“BLOOD&BACON is an online CO-OP Survival Game with Epic Boss battles, Mini-Boss battles, while fighting up to 500 creatures at once !! Unlock and equip an assortment of weapons and pickups to defend yourself against waves of undead hordes. Can you survive 100+ Days and Nights of blood and carnage? This is a 1st-Person-Shooter and 3rd-Person-Shooter with 3 customizeable cameras. Enjoy !!”


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