Day 1178: Wiwi’s Adventures 3

Posted: 2014/01/31 in Indie Games

From the publisher of “Aron’s Journey in Dreamland”, “Wiwi’s Adventures 2”, and “Aron 2: Mysterious Troubles” comes “Wiwi’s Adventures 3”.

This developer has quite the pedigree with me when it comes to platformers. The games aren’t stupid easy, nor are they crazy hard. The games sometimes feature things like multiple characters, equipment, and vehicles. Level design improves with each new outing, too. An easy $1 purchase to add to the collection. Just ignore the 3D graphics at the beginning of the embedded video, and wait for the excellent 2D sprite animation. That’s the real deal in this title, the 3D is (mostly) for presentation.

Here’s what the publisher (Meruvia Game Studio) has to say about the game:

“In this sequel to our bestseller Wiwi’s Adventures 2, Wiwi comes back with non-stop action! Play with 4 different characters, drive a sport car, use a jetpack and shoot as fast as you can! “Wiwi’s Adventures 3 sports even more beautiful graphics than its prequels, with brilliant sounds and music, carefully designed levels, and different characters to choose from.” XBLAratings”


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