Day 1179: Invisipong

Posted: 2014/02/01 in Indie Games

What do you give the Pong fan who has everything? “Invisipong”, of course, a Pong-ish game that not only has four player support, but a unique hook: an invisible box in the playfield that starts small but grows over time. This helps make sure you don’t get in a rally that never ends thanks to equally matched players that are all good enough never to get scored on, solving one of Pong’s greatest problems. It’s a creative solution to the problem. Like all Pong variants, this $1 game is at its best in multiplayer, but it also supports solo play against AI opponents.

Here’s what the publisher (FallenMaster) has to say about the game:

“Engage in a pong battle for up to four players! Predict the ball’s movement as it goes invisible. Do you have the balls to be the last survivor in the “Survival” mode? If you are feeling lazy you can just let the AI fight in the “Endless” mode, and bet which paddle will win!”


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