Day 1180: Star Defender

Posted: 2014/02/02 in Indie Games

If there are a plethora of dual-stick shooters in the Xbox Indie Games catalogue, then “Star Defender” can somewhat be forgiven for being yet another one given that it was released in 2011, before many of its peers. And it does one really neat thing that caught my attention: instead of a screen clearing bomb, you can create a black hole, which you can then repeatedly lure your enemies towards, and watch them die as they pass the event horizon. But, and this is another difference versus the traditional screen bomb, get too close to it and you’ll die yourself.

It’s a mechanic that’s interesting enough that I got my dollar out of it. But it’s worth at least downloading the trial to play around with, as it’s an interesting and well executed (not to mention visually impressive) mechanic.

Here’s what the publisher (Andrew French) has to say about the game:

“Fly through space to defend the stars as you create black holes and edit the very fabrics of time.”


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