Day 1181: EOL

Posted: 2014/02/03 in Indie Games

I’m not sure if “EOL” stands for “end of life”, which would be a cute computer industry reference if so, but either way it is a side-scrolling shooter with a strong visual aesthetic. Which, for a dollar, gets me halfway towards purchase. I like that the side-scrolling shooters have largely eschewed the crazy hard “bullet hell” difficulty adopted by so many vertically scrolling shooters. I like that the upgrades in this game are permanent for the rest of that run through, a nice touch that makes earning them more worthwhile. Finally, I like that they adopted Microsoft’s “metro” user interface for the game’s menus, that’s really funky and different, if you ask me. Oddly it doesn’t have any multiplayer, though many of you have said over the years that you rarely play XBLIGs with other people anyway. Definitely worth a download for fans of the genre.

Here’s what the publisher (20 Goto 10) has to say about the game:

“FAST, FRENETIC, SIDE-SCROLLING, BI-DIRECTIONAL, ACTION-SHOOTER. Defend the universe from giant spiderbots, bounty hunters, space hippies, skutterbugs, cosmic robot-dragon-sharks and many more. Survive the mind altering ‘tweaks’, the space and time bending ‘cuboid’s, and the fearsome ‘grow-blocks’. Earn permanent upgrades, new skills and powers. DEFEND-BUILD-DESTROY”


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