Posted: 2014/02/04 in Indie Games

The description of this game describes it as a 1-bit platformer, and contrasts that to 8-bit platformers. I think that’s a misunderstanding (perhaps an intentionally ironic one) of what is referred to when people say 8-bit. 1-bit, in this case, apparently refers to the colour depth, meaning 2 colours. People usually say 8-bit in the context of retro gaming to mean systems with an 8-bit CPU, not games with an 8-bit colour palette (AKA 256 colours).

Referring to games by 8-bit and 16-bit CPUs has never made a lot of sense anyway as one of the early popular game consoles, the Mattel Intellivision, was actually a 16-bit system despite being easily outclassed by later 8-bit hardware from Nintendo, Sega, Atari, and Commodore.

But as I said, perhaps it was intentionally ironic.

Setting all that aside, “SUPER SPRINT COMMANDO EXTREME” is a two colour platformer with an emphasis on jumping, dodging, and shooting. It’s visually engaging, and its stark graphics are appealing (in a retro sort of way) and clean (you definitely won’t be confusing the foreground with the background here!). And the music is really impressive. So, all in all, a good way to spend a dollar. But, be warned, the difficulty level is high (which, depending on your opinion on such things, is either a reason to steer clear, or an endorsement).

Here’s what the publisher (Halcyon Softworks) has to say about the game:

“Step aside, 8-bit, and make way for 1-bit. Are you a bad enough dude to jump and shoot across three large, treacherous worlds in a bid for the title of “world’s hardest game”? You’ll have to think fast, shoot fast, and move fast in order to stand a chance. Features an awesome soundtrack by Terry L. Williams that’ll rock your socks off.”


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