Day 1183: M.A.C.E.

Posted: 2014/02/05 in Indie Games

Man, this brings me back. Forget R-Type and other arcade/console shoot-’em-ups, The Amiga shmups were where it was at for me. Games like SWIV and Battle Squadron had gorgeous presentation and controls, and this is a callback to them. Not only that, it’s actually been ported to a bunch of platforms…. including AmigaOS, in fact! So apparently I’m not the only one who had old-school top-down 2D Amiga vertically-scrolling shooters in mind.

“M.A.C.E.” is gorgeous and controls as beautifully as I remember games of its pedigree. And, more interestingly still, it supports 3D TVs. And it only costs a dollar. Revision levels of parallax scrolling in the background and hand-drawn sprites today.

Here’s what the publisher (EntwicklerX) has to say about the game:

“MACE is a classic space shoot ’em up, inspired by the legendary Amiga games of this genre. Handdrawn 2D graphics in HD resolutions, parallax scrolling, explosion effects and optimized games mechanics, combined with the proven gameplay are transporting the “Spirit of Amiga” in today’s Age.”


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