Day 1184: Avatar Deathmatch CITY

Posted: 2014/02/06 in Indie Games

I’ve previously reviewed and enjoyed Day 249’s “Avatar Rockets”, Day 492’s “Trigger Finger”, Day 637’s “Avatar Deathmatch”, Day 874’s “Shark Attack Deathmatch”, Day 1078’s “Avatar Onslaught”, and Day 1115’s “Avatar Onslaught 2”. With the exception of knowing that Avatar Onslaught 2 was a sequel to the original Avatar Onslaught, I had no idea that all these games were from the same, apparently quite prolific, Xbox Live Indie Games developer: Lighthouse Games Studio. Neat!

Well, here’s another sequel from them (which, in fairness, they haven’t done a lot of): “Avatar Deathmatch CITY”, which amps up the original Avatar Deathmatch with even more attractive visuals and an urban cityscape to fight across. It plays a bit like you’d expect if you’d played the first game, hide-and-seek with Nerf-style guns. Both solo play versus bots and online multiplayer are on offer. The original Avatar Deathmatch benefited from significant post-release bug fixing, so the developer has a strong pedigree in that regard. That a game such as this could cost $1 boggles the mind.

Here’s what the publisher (Lighthouse Games Studio) has to say about the game:

“The ultimate First Person Shooter with Avatars returns for more action! Take your friends down on the battlefield!”


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