Day 1185: Avatar Onslaught – BLIZZARD

Posted: 2014/02/07 in Indie Games

Coming to you from Lighthouse Game Studios, the publisher behind Day 249’s “Avatar Rockets”, Day 492’s “Trigger Finger”, Day 637’s “Avatar Deathmatch”, Day 874’s “Shark Attack Deathmatch”, Day 1078’s “Avatar Onslaught”, Day 1115’s “Avatar Onslaught 2”, and yesterday’s “Avatar Deathmatch CITY” comes 2010’s “Avatar Onslaught – BLIZZARD”. Based on the original Avatar Onslaught engine, but with some enhancements that were later seen again in Avatar Onslaught 2, and with a graphical switch to winter (and a corresponding ammunition change to snowballs), it’s more “Space Invaders” on a pseudo-3D plane. And it’s a lot of fun to mess around with for a dollar. And like a fair number of indie games, it’s full 1080p (which actually helps at aiming at distant targets).

Here’s what the publisher (Lighthouse Games Studio) has to say about the game:

“Prepare yourself for an almighty Onslaught. Take on hordes of avatars in full HD as you compete against the best in the world. Onslaught – BLIZZARD features character leveling, global scoreboards and Avatars.”


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