Day 1188: Generic Space Shooter

Posted: 2014/02/10 in Indie Games

Defying its name, “Generic Space Shooter”, actually has a fair bit of variety, with an impressive array of power-ups and enemies. There are unique levels, such as one where the screen is ringed with enemies (see video). There’s “bullet time” as well, which I’ve seen in “bullet hell” shmups, but don’t recall seeing before in an arena shooter like this.

The game also has over a dozen unlockable ships. Well worth a dollar if you have a hankering for something like this. And I do, frequently.

Here’s what the publisher (LionSword) has to say about the game:

“Welcome to an epic world of endless carnage, where you battle alien foes at lightning fast speeds, and engage in mind meltingly epic boss battles. Immerse yourself in a beautifully hand crafted world, with visually stunning top down graphics and unlimited action packed levels. Turn up the heat with 9 unique power-ups and 14 unlockable spacecrafts! The question is, how long can you survive?”


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