Day 1191: Snowboard 2D

Posted: 2014/02/13 in Indie Games

Now here’s an interesting one. “Snowboard 2D” has several things going for it, and at least one thing that’s either a huge detriment or the icing on the cake, depending on your opinion.

The game reminds me of “sin(Surfing)”, except with the addition of a fail state: you’re being chased by an avalanche, and the only way to stay ahead of it is to do big tricks. So that’s the unqualified good side, IMO.

The controversial side is that there’s a woman in the background, one that meets the “ski bunny” stereotype. The longer your run, the better you do, the less she wears. And there’s the rub. That’s perfect for fans of cult arcade game “Gals Panic”, and others could find it objectifying (or otherwise offensive). As always, buyer beware and vote with your wallets. If it seems like your thing, progressing from the free trial to owning the full game costs you a dollar.

Here’s what the publisher (Carlo Sunseri) has to say about the game:

“Bust gnarly inverts and huge grabs in Snowboard 2D!”


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