Day 1193: Astralis

Posted: 2014/02/15 in Indie Games

Are you kidding me? Seriously? “Astralis” is a sprawling third-person shooter/adventure game that has you exploring, conversing, and shooting your way through large maps with high production values (and the ability to save, a feature many indie games miss). For a dollar. This is ridiculous. Ridiculously good, but ridiculous. If you have any interest in a science fiction third-person shooter and/or adventure game, just get it. It’s somewhere between Gears of War and Fallout thematically, so there’s lots to love here.

Here’s what the publisher (Xyphis) has to say about the game:

“Astralis is a military science fiction shooter. Combat – purge swarms of alien terrors. Exploration – cross a vast landscape, filled with discovery. Judgment – who will you punish? Who will you forgive?”


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