Day 1195: Block Shift

Posted: 2014/02/17 in Indie Games

Ah, “Utopioneer Games”, how I “<3" thee. Whether it's “Spanish 101”, “German 101”, “Vocabulary Builder”, “Call Me”, “Bingo”, “Word Search”, the “Hack This Game Collection”, “Running With Scissors”, or “Reflection”, you rarely disappoint in either your quantity or your quality.

“Block Shift” keeps that tradition alive, with gameplay that’s a mix of a sliding block puzzle (where you move blocks around until a picture is formed) crossed with a Rubik’s Cube. Unlike the sliding block pictures of old, but closer (though not exactly) like a Rukik’s Cube, you can wrap the whole puzzle around the edges. It’s more versatile than a sliding block puzzle, but easier and a whole lot less frustrating than a Rubik’s Cube, perfectly straddling the feature/difficulty curve for me. Recommended for a dollar if you grew up on sliding block puzzles like I did.

Here’s what the publisher (Utopioneer Games 2) has to say about the game:

“Block Shift is a puzzle game requiring you to piece together a picture from its parts. You can move each row and column as a whole unit. Includes over 80 puzzles including your gamer image in puzzle form! Also includes a mapmaker to build your own puzzles.”


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