Day 1196: Magic Soccer

Posted: 2014/02/18 in Indie Games

Playing a bit like Sensible Software’s classic “Sensible Soccer”, but looking a whole lot nicer and with features that game never had, “Magic Soccer” is a great entry in a classic genre.

You don’t even have to like football/footy/soccer to enjoy this game, as I picked up Sensible Soccer despite not being a fan (the only football I’m a big fan of is Canadian-style gridiron football, i.e. the Canadian Football League). It’s a very accessible game even for the non-fan, in other words. Costs a dollar, and is worth a download if you’re a fan of sports games and/or simple action games (which is how this really plays, as opposed to a serious sports simulation).

This comes to us from the publisher of “Magic Racing Rally”, and it absolutely blew me away.

Presentation is great with good sound effects, music, and graphics. Unusual for the genre is a selection of 157 cars (!) and 18 tracks, numbers similar to what the most recent Forza offers on Xbox One for those interested in the comparison. There are a bunch of modes of play too, including a Battle mode where you must stay ahead of the AI opponents. There’s even a time attack mode where you race ghost cars of best previous laps.

It turns out that this is the sequel to “Magic Racing GP 2” from Day 579, and its Day 1123 sequel “Magic Racing Rally”, so this is a departure from their previous efforts.

Here’s what the publisher (Magic73) has to say about the game:

“It’s a Soccer Game! 117 different teams, from 6 nations (USA, England, France, Italy, Germany and Spain) Friendly match, Penalty Kicks, Tournaments”


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