Day 1197: Decay: The Mare – Episode 1

Posted: 2014/02/19 in Indie Games

Most companies don’t get episodic gaming. Valve certainly doesn’t (will any of us live to see the next “episode” of “Half Life”?). But Shining Gate Software does. They produced “Part 1”, “Part 2”, “Part 3”, and “Decay – Part 4 (Final)”, which were reviewed from Day 34 through Day 214.

Well, here we are, nearly 1000 days since Decay part 4, with the beginning of a new Decay story. So I have a high degree of confidence that “Decay: The Mare – Episode 1” will lead further episodes. In fact, I see that Episode 2 is already out. But today’s not about that, because I hear it’s generally good to play episode 1 before 2.

This is $2.99 USD/CAD (and something similar in other currencies), like all the previous Decay games (save for episode 1 of the previous set). So this might drop to $0.99 months/years from now when more installments are out. Or it might not. Never can tell. But it’s good enough that I wouldn’t wait, personally.

So what’s it good enough at? It’s a point-and-click adventure where you try to solve puzzles and unravel mysteries, complicated by the fact that you’re trying to recover from drug abuse, and aren’t entirely sure of your sanity on top of it all. High production values, and a full walkthrough on the publisher’s website if you really get stuck, ensure this is worth a download.

Here’s what the publisher (Shining Gate Software) has to say about the game:

“A new psychological horror adventure game from the creators of the successful Decay series. Sam has ended up in an institution named “Reaching Dreams” to get rid of his drug addiction and his miserable life. But during the first night, something happens and he gets stuck in a nightmare that never seems to end …”

  1. ImTheMetalLord says:

    I never did play the Decay series. Would you say that one would want to or even have to play those games before picking up The Mare or does it work by itself as a separate series?

    I’d kill for another Half Life game.

    • You wouldn’t have to play the original four Decay games to play this. You might want to, though, as they’re excellent games. They are separate series, but have similar play mechanics.

      As for Half Life, I bought the Orange Box, and other than Portal 2 what has Valve released since then? DOTA, I guess? Not much else comes to mind.

      • ImTheMetalLord says:

        Yea their to busy running steam these days. Gave up on making games and putting their efforts into selling digital games for the PC.

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