Day 1198: The Plat Master

Posted: 2014/02/20 in Indie Games

Coming to us from the publisher of Day 358’s “PaperCraft”, looking a bit like ’80s classic “Jumpman”, and utilising an innovative new play mechanic, we have “The Plat Master”.

So what makes you a platform master (presumably hence the title)? It’s your ability to not merely jump from platform to platform, but to deploy them as you need them. It’s a neat mechanic that works well. The retro visuals are a love it or hate it thing, but jumping into thin air and then deploying a platform to land on, now that’s cool.

Here’s what the publisher (James Dinsmore) has to say about the game:

“The Plat Master is a platformer in which you, the player, create your own platforms to complete the level. There are 50 challenging floors for you to climb.”


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