Day 1199: Blocks Editor

Posted: 2014/02/21 in Indie Games

There are all sorts of block-building games. Some differentiate themselves by upping the enemies and destruction. Others give you more tools. “Blocks Editor” is different. It removes the fail state entirely (no creepers here). This is all about construction. And sharing those constructs. It comes with premade objects (Eiffel Tower anyone?) and you can access objects made by other people. And that’s what makes this different than the legions of competing block builders. The variety of pre-made objects means you could build entire worlds without having to build them block by block yourself, or editing existing ones instead of building them from scratch.

It comes to us from Maximinus who previously brought us “Avatar Monster Truck”, “8 Ball Champion LIVE”, “9 Ball Champion LIVE”, “27 Ball Funky Pool”, “Red Tie Miner” (and it’s sequels “Red Tie Miner Zombie 2” and “Red Tie Miner Zombie 3”), “Dirt Track Racer”, “Missile Escape”, “Cosmic Caverns”, “21 Ball Snooker Champion”, “Blocks and Tanks”, and “Blocks and Big Robots”.

Here’s what the publisher (Maximinus_) has to say about the game:

“Let your imagination loose and create all the 3D objects you can think of with BLOCKS. With the ONLINE SHARING feature, you can download all the community creations, and even destroy them with the BAZOOKA.”


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