Day 1200: Avatar Trials Ninja Redemption

Posted: 2014/02/22 in Indie Games

The sequel to “Avatar Trials: Ninja Uprising” is here. And the colon is now gone in the new title, “Avatar Trials Ninja Redemption”. But the great parkour-inspired gameplay is still here, and for another dollar you can have another five levels of free-running. Absolutely worth a dollar.

Here’s what the publisher (Stunt Bear Games) has to say about the game:

“Avatar Trials Ninja Redemption is a third person platforming game. The sequel to the XBLIG top 250 best selling all time game Avatar Trials is back and better than ever! Parkour and free run through 5 epic levels, learn platforming skills, and become a ninja master!”

  1. ImTheMetalLord says:

    1200 days???? That is simply inconceivable at this point. I remember when I first found your daily reviews and I spent a few days reading all your posts and I am thinking it was in the 300’s at the time I thought how crazy it was that you were so dedicated to have that many. And now you have 4 times as many as you did when I first started. You are persistent and in all reality I expect to show up here anytime now and read that the daily reviews are over but yet here we are at 1200 days.

    Tip of the hat to you!

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