Day 1203: English 101

Posted: 2014/02/25 in Indie Games

From the publisher of “Learn Basic Italian”, “Learn Basic French”, and “Learn Indo European Language”, comes something going in the other direction: “English 101”.

Though I feel my command of the English language, I have my blind spots. Parts of speech, in particular, totally escape me. I seem to largely use them correctly, but I couldn’t name most of them to save my life.

This could be useful for anything from someone who has English as a second language, to a young student, to someone just wanting to brush up a certain element, and is more likely to be motivated to do so relaxing on the couch rather than on a computer. Worth a dollar if that’s you.

Here’s what the publisher (phantomgames) has to say about the game:

“English 101 teaches you grammar, parts of speech, Noun – Verb Agreement, Punctuation, Misused Words, Spelling, idioms”


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