Day 1204: Lifeless

Posted: 2014/02/26 in Indie Games

Most games I review I do so with an eye to recommending you purchase it, but every once in a while I recommend downloading something where the trial alone is probably enough.

And “Lifeless” is different from the normal review in other ways. It’s not a game in a traditional sense, but an interactive art project. And interesting as that goes.

When I think of oddball art projects I become concerned about people smashing mice with a hammer in front of me and calling it art, but this is an interactive metaphor for how people (perhaps people suffering profound loneliness or depression) see the world around them. You’re dropped into a (rather large) map, and encouraged to walk around. You’ll quickly discover that most people are unapproachable… well, they’re approachable, but doing so has the consequence of death. Each step closer to them brings you closer to being ripped apart until you cease to exist.

There is one person there, a person who is red rather than the colour that everyone else is, who you can approach, but the red person has seemingly no interest in talking to you. It is, as the description goes on to say, “an experimental and personal interpretation about loneliness.” Those of you willing to part with a dollar may decipher the metaphors and clues and find one of four (apparently hidden) endings to the game (which, at first glance, appears to have no end, but does). I haven’t deciphered all the game’s mysteries, but I did find myself intrigued enough to try.

Here’s what the publisher (D6) has to say about the game:

“Lifeless, an experimental and personal interpretation about loneliness. Decipher its mysteries and discover its 4 possible endings.”


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