Day 1207: Ice Crush 10.000 B.C.

Posted: 2014/03/01 in Indie Games

Remember “Blox”? It was a mid-2010 indie puzzler that had innovative and frantic gameplay.

Well, “Ice Crush 10.000 B.C.” is a late 2010 game that is a variant of Blox. It swaps in nicer visuals (with a “Flintstones” feel), and new features like exploding blocks and more. Well worth a dollar if you loved the first and would like nicer presentation and/or a few new features, or if you’re new to this kind of game and intrigued the idea of a fast-paced mash-up of Bust-A-Move and Columns.

It comes to us from the publisher of “A Frog Game”, “M.A.C.E.”, “Dodge These Balls”, and “Tap Blox”, in addition to the aforementioned “Blox”.

Here’s what the publisher (EntwicklerX) has to say about the game:

“Try as fast as possible to clean up the playfield, earn bonus time with speed combinations and discover all special items.”


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